Tortillas filled with vegetables and mozzarella

Tortillas filled with vegetables and mozzarella

My kids love this!

Ingredients (for 4 Tortillas)
4 tortillas
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 tbls of olive oil
125g mozzarella cheese
1 green leave from leek onion (suggestion: make some leek stew next day with rest of the leek)
1 zucchini
1 champignon mushroom
1 small onion
Some sunflower oil
1 tsp milled sweet red pappers
4 drops hot tabasko sos
Salt, parsly, chives, green pepper(milled dried green peppercorns), basil

1 leaf green cabbage
4 slices gouda cheese
Clean and chop all vegetables to small chops
Chop mozzarella to small chops
Chop gouda to small strips

Preparing the filling for tortillas
Fry onion on sunflower oil, add red and yellow peppers fry for 5minuts, Add zucchini,champignons, green leek and spices. Fry until zucchini is nicely cooked.
Add mozzarella cheese and fry mixing until melted and connected with rest
Heating tortillas
Heat tortillas on frying pan or open flame without oil for a minute or two. When little bubbles start to form turn and heat for just a little bit more.
Heating the tortillas is not just to get them warm but will give them back flexibility to roll them mroe easily.
Finishing Put filling on tortilla, add some chopped green cabbage and some gouda
Roll the tortilla to form a wrap, or in any other style you like

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